PADI Rescue Diver

The skills that you learn in the PADI Rescue Diver course will not only show you how to rescue someone, they will improve your comfort level in the water. A simple malfunction can later lead to a serious accident if you panic. Through the Rescue course you will stress yourself and practice many accident scenarios in safe conditions. If an emergency should ever happen while you are in the water, you will be much better prepared to react quickly and decisively. In turn, you could save your own or someone else's life.


In this course you will practice self rescues as well as buddy rescues. You will learn to recognize signs of potential panic and how to respond. You will also conduct search patterns and how to manage an accident scene. In order to complete this course you will also have to learn basic first aid as a supplemental course. We will show you how to administer those first aid techniques in open water and other stressful situations.

The class can be completed with two weeknights of class and a full weekend of diving

Price: $300 includes class materials + $20 Certification Card

You must provide your own dive equipment for the Rescue Diver course. If you do not wish to buy your own equipment you can rent from your local dive shop. You must complete a first aid class in order to meet the requirements for Rescue Diver Certification. I do not teach basic first aid, but I will organize a class with a first aid instructor to fulfill this requirement.